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[05 Jan 2005|02:16pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hewwo all!! tis I! with icons! i dunno if they're very good... but either way *shrug* here they are! <3


(and i promise there will be more soon! ^_^ i made a LOT this week... but not all of them are anime so... ya! lol)

[3] Wolf's Rain

[6] Fruits Basket

[3] Ah! My Goddess!


<3 feel the musicCollapse )

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only 9 icons... 'cuz i'm lazy like that... lol [19 Dec 2004|07:07pm]


Here you go world... i hope you like...

p.s.- shhhh! don't tell anyone I'm putting in some J-pop/rock icons too! ~.^

[1] Pet Shop of Horrors

[3] Chobits

[3] Gackt

[2] Dir En Grey

Fly away with me...Collapse )

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Ah! [12 Dec 2004|06:12pm]

[ mood | ew. i still don't feel well... ]

*dies* i'm SUCH a terrible person! I promised to post more and then i got grounded off the internet, and then i got all sick and icky! erg! sowwy everyone! I'm posting now though, so LOVE ME! don't hate me!

[1] Chobits

[4] Random

[2] Trigun

[5] Furuba(Fruits Basket)

Yes...yes... I know it's only 12! Don't be mad! ~.^

Click for total destruction...three...two...one...Collapse )

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First post in forever and a day [29 Nov 2004|07:54pm]


Wow. I am SOOO sorry! I haven't posted in forever and a day! I've just been so busy. hee hee. anyways, that's not what's important. here, i'll post a few icons ok? Soooo Sorry! Tell me if you like them! <3 *kisses*




I hope you like them all! there's 21 in all! ~.^

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Chobits [27 Oct 2004|04:22pm]

[ mood | creative ]

W00t! Chobits Icons! You know you all love Chii!


[12] pics under the cut so...


let me be with you...Collapse )

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It's been too long since I last posted [26 Oct 2004|08:25pm]


I've been lazy... lol

so here are a few icons I made, and I'm NOT going to put them under a cut for now... because why bother putting them under a cut if they end up sucking? then you'd have to wait all that time to load them, and they'd be crap. anyways... there's not too many:

[2] Saikano

[4] Trigun

[4] Kill Bill

[3] Pet Shop of Horrors

1) 2) 

3) 4) 5) 6)

7) 8) 9) 10)

11) 12) 13)

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[17 Oct 2004|02:37pm]

[ mood | creative ]

To start us off:

here are some furuba(fruits basket) icons:


There. I only posted a few, but I will add more later. hope ya like these!

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[17 Oct 2004|02:29pm]


Oooo! The first post! I feel special! **glow**

anyways, here is where you can comment if you want to join our community!

please join!

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